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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View2401 UTAH AVE Sears & Roebuck & Co., (Seattle store)Starbucks SODO Center
View1024 E PIKE ST E Smyth Van & StorageMonique Lofts
View83 Columbia ST Journal BuildingJournal of Commerce Building/ Daily Journal Building
View61 Columbia ST Polson BuildingPolson Building
View317 1st AVE Squires BuildingSquire Building
View419 1st AVE Hambach BuildingHambach Building/ Hambach-Seller Building (grouped with Seller Building)
View611 Western AVE 611 Western Avenue611 Western Avenue
View313 1st AVE Crown HotelCrown Hotel
View419 Occidental AVE Manufacturers Building/ Manufacturers Exchange Building/ Stewart and Holmes/ McKesson & Robbins BuildingF. X. McRory Building/ McKesson and Robbins Building
View313 2nd AVE Hambach Warehouse/ Northwest Hotel SupplyMasin's Furniture
View1518 1ST AVE Frederick & Nelson WarehouseMcKinnon Furniture/Bogart Golf
View1111 E MADISON ST E Hunt Transfer Company12th & Madison Self-Storage
View1205 E PINE ST E McAlpin-Schreiner CompanyPackard Building
View1021 E PINE ST E Colyear Motor Sales CompanyVelo Bike
View905 E PIKE ST E Tyson Oldsmobile CompanyFrame Central
View1217 E PIKE ST E S. L. SavidgeElysian Brewery
View915 E PIKE ST E Graham Motor CarsShambhala Center of Seattle
View1525 11TH AVE Bocker BuildingValue Village
View1408 12TH AVE Bekins Moving & StorageTrace Lofts
View1205 E PIKE ST E Standard Brands1205 East Pike Building
View400 E PINE ST E Hirsch Cycle Co.Pine Bellevue Building
View568 1st AVE Provident BuildingProvident Building
View206 3rd AVE Norton Building/ Northcoast Electric Company1904 Norton Building
View83 S King ST S Seattle Hardware Company BuildingSeattle Hardware Company Building
View83 S Jackson ST S Schwabacher Hardware Annex/ Old Theater OfficeSchwabacher Hardware Annex
View119 1st AVE Dexter Horton BuildingMaynard Building
View171 S Jackson ST S Chapin Building, Fuller Building, Northcoast BuildingNorthcoast Building, Court in the Square
View222 S Main ST S Corgiat Building/ Main HotelMain Hotel Building
View402 2nd AVE Crane Building/ Goldsmith BuildingGoldsmith Building - Court in the Square
View562 1 AVE Bornstein & Sons, Inc. Warehouse562 1rst Avenue South
View502 2nd AVE Smith TowerSmith Tower
View114 Alaskan WAY Prudential Building/ Fred Cole BuildingPrudential Building
View215 2nd AVE Lucknow Building/ Ruggles BuildingLucknow Building; Lucknow/ Waterfall Place; Lucknow Ruggles Building
View316 1st AVE Walker BuildingSeattle Quilt Building
View411 1st AVE Seller BuildingSeller Building/ Hambach-Seller Building (grouped with Hambach Building)
View307 3rd AVE Mottman Building/ Norris Safe Building/ NorrisMottman Building
View220 2nd AVE Furuya BuildingMasin's Furniture
View100 S King ST S Hambaca Building/ Westland Building/ Tempco Quilters BuildingWestland Building
View310 1st AVE Marshall-Walker BuildingGlobe Building
View210 3rd AVE Richmond Paper Company/ Westcoast Wholesale DrugThe Lofts
View409 Eastlake AVE Grand View ApartmentsGrandview Apartments
View319 3rd AVE Pacific Drug Company/ Seattle Paint Company/ Stadium Furniture/ U. S. Rubber BuildingU. S. Rubber Building
View620 Stewart ST Vance HotelHotel Max, formerly Vance Hotel (until recently)
View601 Stewart ST Lloyd BuildingLloyd Building
View812 Howell ST D. N. & E. Walter & Co.Roffe Building
View1601 2nd AVE Standard Furniture CompanyBroadarces Building
View1215 2nd AVE Stone, Fisher & Lane Department StoreGalland Building
View1417 4th AVE Holland BuildingMiken Building
View211 Pine ST Haight Building 
View51 University ST Pacific Net and Twine Company/ Pacific Marine Supply CompanyImmunex
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