Director's Rules

Active Rules that interpret Housing and Building Maintenance Code (Ch. 22.200)

DR # Name
9-2021 Right to Legal Counsel in Eviction Proceedings (SMC 22.206.195) Reference Language Requirement for Notices Issued Pursuant to SMC 22.206.160.C.
11-2021 Adjustment to the Amount of Relocation Assistance Payment Under the Tenant Relocation Assistance Ordinance
14-2021 RRIO Checklist Update
15-2019 Prohibited Acts by Owners (SMC 22.206.180.K) Reference Language Requirement for Landlord-Tenant Notices
16-2015 Adjustment to the Amount of Emergency Relocation Assistance Under the Housing and Building Maintenance Code
2-2014 RRIO Registration Schedule for Rental Properties with 1-4 units
17-2013 General RRIO Property Registration clarifications
23-2008 Criteria for Allowing 6'-4" Ceiling Height in Dwelling Units
13-2005 Alterations to Doors Opening into Corridors Which Are Not Part of a Stairwell Enclosure
14-2005 Alterations to Doors Opening into a Stairwell Enclosure
15-2005 Alternate Locking Devices for Sliding Patio Doors
16-2005 Reasonably Weathertight, Watertight and Damp-free Building Components
28-2000 Submittal Requirements for a Variance Application under the Housing and Building Maintenance Code
2-88 Standards and Verification Procedures for Extermination Programs Required by the Housing and Building Maintenance Code
5-88 Clarification of the Terms "Waste" and "Nuisance" as a Just Cause for Eviction
6-88 Notification to Tenant for Late Rent as a Just Cause for Eviction

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Draft Director's Rules


DDR 11-2023, Tree Measurements

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DDR 14-2021, Updated Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance (RRIO) Checklist

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DDR 10-2021, Stormwater Manual

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DDR 9-2019, Design Review Thresholds for Additions & Expansions

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