Director's Rules

Active Rules that interpret Building Code (Ch 22.100)

DR # Name
6-2023 A Method for the Seismic Improvement of Unreinforced Masonry (URM) Buildings
7-2021 Alternate Design Requirements for lateral force-resisting systems in buildings between 160 and 185 feet in height
8-2021 Alternate Design Requirements for Use of Special Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls in Over Height Buildings
15-2021 Seismic Evaluation Report Requirements for Buildings Undergoing Substantial Alterations
9-2018 Clarification and corrections to energy modeling procedures of the 2015 Seattle Energy Code
2-2017 Alternate for the use of lateral force-resisting systems in buildings between 160 and 185 feet in height
9-2017 Small Efficiency Dwelling Units
19-2017 Partial/phased occupancy, occupancy during construction & temp. c of occupancy
5-2016 General Duties & Responsibilities of Geotechnical Engineers
6-2016 Additional General Duties & Responsibilities of Structural & Geotech Special Inspection Agencies
15-2015 Structural Steel Welder Qualifications
5-2014 Seismic Design Alternative for Elevators
7-2014 Sprinkler Systems & Fire Alarms for Elevator Machinery Rooms, Cpontrol Rooms, Hoistways & Pits
10-2014 Steel fabricators
11-2014 Continuously Approved Concrete Design Mixes: Review Criteria & Procedure
12-2014 Shotcrete for Structural Applications, Including Duties & Responsibilities of Registered Special Inspectors
13-2014 Continuous & Periodic Batch Plant Inspection Procedures
14-2014 Post-tensioned concrete Installation & Special Inspection Requirements
23-2014 Method of Specifying Thickness of Spray-Applied Resistant Material (SFRM) for Structural Steel
24-2014 Field Inspection Procedures for Spray- Applied Fire Resistant Material (SFRM)
7-2012 Testing of stairway and hoistway pressurization systems in high rise buildings
4-2009 Demolition permits w/ waste diversion plan
10-2009 Small Diameter Pipe Piles (Pin Piles)
23-2008 Criteria for Allowing 6'-4" Ceiling Height in Dwelling Units
24-2008 Determining Level of Repair for Damaged Buildings
11-2006 Augercast Piles: Mix, Inspection, and Reporting Requirements
24-2005 Storage and Use of Hazardous Materials, Including Flammable And Combustible Liquids, in Freight Containers Outside of Buildings
29-2005 Structural Support of Ducts and Mechanical Equipment
30-2005 Ventilation Systems in Research and Educational Laboratories (Fume Hoods)
5-2004 Alteration and Repair of Unreinforced Masonry Chimneys
8-2000 Building Identification Plan Requirement for Properties Having More than Two Buildings
7-99 Fire Inspection Procedures for Spray-Applied Fire-Resistive Materials (SFRM)
23-87 General Duties and Responsibilities of Registered Special Inspectors

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