Director's Rules

Active Rules that interpret Land Use Code (Title 23)

DR # Name
3-2023 Frequent Transit Service Area Map
9-2022 Establishment for the Record of Uses Not Established By Permit
4-2021 Green Building Standard
5-2021 Transportation Management Programs
6-2020 Bicycle Parking Guidelines and Application of Bicycle Parking Development Standards
9-2020 Verification of floating on-water residences and house barges
10-2020 Requirement for a Master Use Permit when there is an establishment, expansion or change of use
11-2020 Standards for Landscaping, including Green Factor
4-2019 Yards, setback, and gross floor area for purposes of Land Use Code Standards
8-2019 Location of Property Lines Used to Determine Required Wall, Projection, and Opening Protection for Properties Using Easements and Other Legal Instruments to Meet Side Yard Standards in Single Family Zones.
4-2018 Requirements for Early Community Outreach for Design Review
16-2018 Graywater Containment and Pumpout Requirements for Floating on Water Residences (FOWRs) and House Barges expanding by more than 120 square feet
19-2018 Determining if two or more development proposals are considered as one for applying State Environmental Policy Act categorical exemptions and Design Review thresholds
21-2018 Marijuana Dispersion Rule
5-2017 Lake to Bay Street Design Concept Plan Appendix N to Right-of-Way Improvements Manual* *The Right-of-Way Improvements Manual is SDOT’s Director’s Rule 07-2012.
11-2017 Installation of Large signs for public notice
24-2017 Timing of Incentive Zoning Developer Contributions for Projects with Approved Phased Construction Permitting
31-2017 Streets Illustrated: Seattle’s Right-of-Way Improvements Manual
4-2016 Noncommercial Speech on Signs
9-2016 Transitional Encampments
13-2016 Floor Area Limit for Religious Facilities in SM-SLU 85-240 Zone
14-2016 Application of Mandatory Housing Affordability for Residential Development (MHA-R) in contract rezones.
28-2015 Local Infrastructure Project Area Boundary
4-2013 Westlake Streetscape Concept Plan w/ Appendix H to Right-of-Way Improvements Manual Appendix H to Right-of-Way Improvements Manual*
7-2013 South Lake Union Street Concept Plans
8-2013 Roosevelt Neighborhood Streetscape Concept Plan
9-2013 Thomas Green Street Concept Plan
10-2013 Denny Way Streetscape Concept Plan
11-2013 10th & 11th Avenue Streetscape Concept Plan
19-2013 Clarifying terms and provisions regarding minor communications utilities (personal wireless facilities) in all zones
22-2013R Rescinding 10-87 & 12-87
2-2012 West Seattle Triangle Streetscape Concept Plan
3-2012 Character structures that cannot be demolished if incentives allowing additional height and floor size are used on a lot within the Pike/Pine Conservation Overlay District
4-2012 Height Measurement: Calculating average grade level
8-2012 Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) Evaluations For Applications Exempt From SEPA Environmental Review
17-2012 Applicability of Street-Level Use Limits in Mapped Areas Per 23.47A.005.C.1.g
12-2010 Maynard Ave S & S Lane St Streetscape Concept Plan
5-2009 Transportation Concurrency Project Review System
11-2009 Queen Anne Ave N Streetscape Concept Plan
20-2008 Pike & Pine Streetscape Conceptual Design
6-2007 Review of Visual Artworks
7-2007 Determination of Residential Setbacks in the Shoreline District
11-2007 Green Streets: Design Guidelines and Review Process
34-2006 Pedestrian Bridges in the Conservancy Waterway Shoreline Environment
11-2005 Terry Avenue North Street Design Guidelines [see Right of Way Improvements Manual, Section 6.1.8]
12-2005 Clarifying measurement techniques regarding structure height on lots with unusual topographic conditions in all zones, except downtown zones and the shoreline district.
5-2003 Statement of Financial Responsibility for Payment of Fees
8-2003 Use of Mechanical Parking Lifts to provide Required Off-Street Parking
9-2003 Exemptions from Shoreline Program Permit Requirements
11-2003 Seattle Design Guidelines for Link Light Rail, Beacon Hill Station
9-2002 Determination of Certain Multifamily Development Standards on Lots Zoned Partly Single Family and Partly Multifamily
13-2002 Solar Collectors: Eligibility Criteria and System Efficiency Requirements
15-2002 Ballard Street Master Plan [see Right of Way Improvements Manual, section 6.1.8]
2-2001 Seattle Design Guidelines for Link Light Rail, Southeast Seattle Stations
8-2000 Building Identification Plan Requirement for Properties Having More than Two Buildings
20-2000 Seattle Design Guidelines for Link Light Rail, Royal Brougham and Lander Stations
9-99 Major Institution Master Plans Annual Status Report Requirements
17-99 Verification of Shoreline District Boundary Line
3-98 Minimum Structure Height Requirements in Pioneer Square Historic District Do Not Apply to Elevated Streets, Bridges or Pedestrian Walkways
11-97 Sign Height and Building Facades
16-97 Permit Applications for Properties Subject to Condemnation Proceedings
25-96 Determination of Lot Area When There Is Discrepancy Between Platted and Surveyed Lot Dimensions
38-96 Exemptions from Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Requirements for Contract Purchasers
40-96 Signs Attached to or Located on Stationary Motor Vehicles
10-95 Attached vs. Detached as Applied to Accessory Structures and Accessory Uses
9-91 Application Submittal Requirements for Surplus Highway Property Sold by the State Department of Transportation
6-90 Junk Storage Prohibited as an Accessory Use to Residential Uses
21-89 Parking Requirements for Outdoor Seating Areas for Restaurants
20-88 Property Located Partly Within and Partly Out of the Shoreline District
9-87 Construction of Boats and Repair of Motor Vehicles and Boats in Residential Zones
36-87 Definition of "Next More Intensive Zone" as Used in Land Use Code (Title 23)
18-86 Size of Required Queuing Spaces
22-86 Parking Requirements When There Is a Change of Use in a Portion of an Existing Building
23-86 Parking Requirements for Accessory Uses
24-86 Prorating Common Areas for Parking Requirements
34-86 Substituting Vanpools for Long-Term Unrestricted Parking Stalls
4-85 Height Measurement: Survey Requirements
6-83 Clarification of Pitched Roof Height Allowance
7-83 Determining the Existence of a Dwelling Unit for the Purpose of Code Enforcement
25-83 Religious Symbols and Associated Roof Area
32-82 Small Animals Regulated by the Land Use Code
41-82 Replacement of Portions of Structures Nonconforming as to Lot Coverage
43-82 Defining "Permanent Foundation"

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DDR 7-2024, Designation of Tier 2 Trees

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DDR SDCI 2-2024/SDOT 02-2024 City of Seattle Light Rail Design Guidelines

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