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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View2200 4th AVE Otis Elevator Company4th & Blanchard Group
View2212 Bigelow AVE   
View308 W Kinnear PL W   
View467 Boston   
View3303 CASCADIA AVE   
View4718 11th AVE Unknown 
View503 W Prospect ST W   
View365 Prospect ST   
View611 W Kinnear ST W   
View1000 14th AVE Eckstein, Nathan, House 
View2602 4th AVE Stonecliff ApartmentsStonecliff Apartments
View1052 E Galer ST E Greer, Robert P. and Charlotte, House 
View328 W Kinnear W   
View1211 2nd AVE Unknown 
View115 W Prospect ST W   
View1249 Bigelow AVE   
View3339 S HINDS ST S   
View3203 CASCADIA AVE   
View422 W Highland DR W Ferguson, Murray & Betty, House 
View3441 CASCADIA AVE   
View621 W Kinnear W   
View2302 4th AVE Franklin ApartmentsFranklin Apartments
View1825 Federal AVE Schmechel House #2 
View920 22nd AVE Salmonetti, Fred, Residence 
View1323 Willard AVE Graham, John, Jr., House 
View904 W Barrett ST W   
View3263 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View822 W Barrrett ST W Unknown 
View2216 5th AVE Unknown 
View902 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View1210 4th AVE Farnsworth, George and Marjorie, House 
View3328 CASCADIA AVE   
View1026 5th AVE   
View1908 7th AVE Unknown 
View5026 22nd AVE Unknown 
View2402 2nd AVE Lexington-Concord ApartmentsLexington-Concord Apartments
View1921 Bigelow AVE   
View212 Ward ST Unknown 
View1065 E Prospect ST E Washington ArmsWashington Arms
View369 Galer ST D'Amico, Charles & Dorothy, House 
View346 W Kinnear W   
View4554 19TH AVE Alpha Sigma Phi 
View1410 Bigelow AVE   
ViewBuilding 632 Post Chapel 
View1824 7th AVE   
View1019 Terry AVE John Alden ApartmentsJohn Alden Apartments
View1600 11th AVE   
View4520 21st AVE Delta Kappa Epsilon FraternityTau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity
View5269 16TH AVE Carson, Sadie M., House 
View1605 17th AVE Caroline Kline Galland HouseSeattle Mental Health Institute
View121 W Prospect ST W   
View452 Boston ST Unknown 
View117-123 John ST Pittsburgh Apartments #2The Pittsburgh
View4721 Rainier AVE Columbia Branch Library 
View452 McGraw ST   
View933 21st AVE Quinn, Albert S., House 
View1105 6th AVE Women's University Club 
View5506-5508 17TH AVE Unknown 
View1319 E Union ST E Algonquin ApartmentsHelen V Apartments
View3300 HUNTER BLVD   
View3340 CASCADIA AVE   
View501 W Highland DR W Emmanuel, Samuel, House 
View2302 4th AVE Unknown 
View1402 32nd AVE   
View459 Wheeler   
View3024 10th Unknown 
View1603 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View2308 Bigelow AVE   
View4524 19TH AVE Delta Tau Delta 
View415 W Comstock ST W Siderius, Raymond & Rosemary, House 
View5266 17TH AVE Unknown 
View946 17th AVE Stirrat, James R., Residence 
View334 W Kinnear W   
View1227 Warren AVE Unknown 
View3017 10th AVE McBride, John & Anne, House 
View1220 7th AVE Donworth, George, House 
View469 Lynn ST   
View1608 4th AVE Pacific States Telephone & TelegraphQueen Anne Masonic Center
View303 W Highland DR W Brygger, Albert & Leila, House 
View2120 1st AVE COH Nurses' QuartersAmerican Cancer Society
View4547 4th AVE   
View2205 1st AVE Scargo Hotel/ Hotel ScargoHotel Scargo
View3300 CASCADIA AVE   
View1414 N 42nd ST N Central Presbyterian ChurchWallingford Presbyterian Church
View5270 17TH AVE Unknown 
View2114 7th AVE   
View621 W Galer ST W Sagamore ApartmentsQueen View Apartments
View2320 Nob Hill AVE   
View172 Highland AVE Unknown 
View2102 NE PARK RD NE Unknown 
View2212 5th AVE Unknown 
View508 W Kinnear W   
View354 W Kinnear PL W   
View3602 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View1956 7th AVE Unknown 
View323 Prospect Unknown 
View1919 Bigelow AVE   
View3220 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View921 11th AVE Park CourtPark Court
View4504 18TH AVE Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority 
View1240 Begelow AVE   
View3603 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View1017 E Blaine ST E Dovey, Thomas, House 
View322 W Highland DR W Kinnear, Ritchey and Brownie, House 
View4548 17TH AVE Pi Beta Phi Sorority 
View231 Summit AVE Nelson Apartments 
View624 35TH AVE   
View4915 LINDEN AVE J.B. Hardcastle Apartment BuildingChelsea Station
View1115 HARVARD AVE Minor Private HospitalSpring Street Early Learning Center
View200 BROADWAY King County Juvenile Detention HomeKing County Medical Society
View1950 20TH AVE 42 Traver Residence
View1956 20TH AVE 42 Durkin Residence
View1931 BOYER Vitous Residence42 Crisera-Duzan Residence
View1893 E HAMLIN ST E Rogers-Tartar Residence 
View2159 E SHELBY ST E Mary Houlahan House 
View2509 E MILLER ST E Gard Residence 17 Kremers Residence
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