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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View83 Columbia ST Journal BuildingJournal of Commerce Building/ Daily Journal Building
View61 Columbia ST Polson BuildingPolson Building
View317 1st AVE Squires BuildingSquire Building
View419 1st AVE Hambach BuildingHambach Building/ Hambach-Seller Building (grouped with Seller Building)
View200 Occidental AVE Occidental ParkOccidental Park
View110 Alaskan WAY Heffernan Engine WorksOld Firehouse Market
View110 S Prefontaine PL S Prefontaine BuildingPrefontaine Building
View313 1st AVE Crown HotelCrown Hotel
View500 1st AVE Mueller Wholesale Block/ Norfin Block/ Nortin Block"101 King Street"
View119 Yesler WAY Korn Block/ Korn BuildingKorn Building
View117 Occidental AVE Star TheaterNew Stage Theater
View633 Post AVE New Post Station, Seattle Steam CompanyNew Post Station, Seattle Steam Company
View80 S Jackson ST S Smith Building80 S. Jackson Street Condominium
View501 3rd AVE Arctic Club & Hotel SewardMorrison Hotel
View213 S Main ST S Cascade Laundry/ Sportcraft Knitting Company/ Cannery Workers ILWU Local 37 Union Building/ Longshore Union HallOld Cannery Building/ The Old Cannery Workers ILWU Local 37 Union Building
View111 Yesler WAY Padden Block/ Mary McDonald Building/ Bohemian Café/ Eagle CaféThe Bohemian
View314 1st AVE Nord Hotel/Thompson HotelNord Hotel/Nord Apartment and Retail Building
View519 3rd AVE Drexel HotelDrexel Hotel
View542 1st AVE George Hoffman's Carriage Factory/ Washington Shoe CompanyWashington Shoe Building
View600 2nd AVE Hartford Building, "Store and Lofts for the First Realty Company"Hartforfd Building
View75 S Main ST S Alaska Hotel, Alaska Commercial Hotel, Our Home HotelOur Home Hotel Condominium
View301 1st AVE Matilda Winehill BlockBread of Life Mission
View311-1/2 Occidental WAY Waltham BlockWaltham Block/ Occidental Building
View164 S Washington ST S Nugent Block and Considine BlockBarney's Loans
View606 Post AVE Fischer and MacDonald Wholesale Store606 Post Avenue Condominium
View820 1st AVE 820 1st Ave S820 1st Ave S
View601 2nd AVE Butler Block/ Butler Hotel/ Butler BuildingButler Garage/ Butler Building
View627 1st AVE Silver HotelTotem Pole Loand
View101 Prefontaine PL Tashiro Building and Exchange BuildingTashiro-Kaplan Building
View508-534 1st AVE Seattle Security Company Warehouse/ Norfin WarehouseThe Florentine Apartments
View318 2nd Ave Extension Ace HotelUnion Gospel Mission
View81 S Washington ST S St. Charles HotelSt. Charles Hotel
View548 1st AVE Carstens Brothers Cold Storage/ Nordic Cold Storage548 1st Ave South
View902 1st AVE Alaskan Copper Works902 1st Ave S
View222 2nd Avenue Extension Metropolitan BuildingSeattle Light Fixture Company
View551 1st AVE Triangle Hotel/ Flatiron BuildingTriangle Hotel & Bar Tavern
View618 2nd AVE Alaska BuildingAlaska Building
View223 Yesler WAY Frye HotelFrye Hotel
View316 Alaskan WAY Terminal GarageOld Seattle Parking Garage
View207 1st AVE Skagit Hotel/ Central Card RoomSkagit Hotel/ The Central
View314 Occidental WAY Sportscaster and Company Building(more recent)/ Cracker and Candy FactoryBurke Building, (part of) State-Burke Building
View1022 1st AVE E. O Graves BuildingF & O Inc.
View95 Yesler WAY Bank of Commerce BuildingYesler Building
View Pioneer Place Chief Seattle FountainChief Seattle Fountain
View83 S King ST S Seattle Hardware Company BuildingSeattle Hardware Company Building
View76 S Main ST S Boston Hotel/ Puget Sound HotelBoston Hotel/ Old Boston Hotel
View Pioneer Place Totem Pole, The Totem Pole that Made Seattle Famous"Totem Pole
View77 S Washington ST S Pacific Coast CompanyLutheran Compass Center
View558 1st AVE E. N. Fobes Building/ Westinghouse Electric Supply Company558 1st Avenue South
View625 1st AVE K & R Building/ Pioneer Office EquipmentEmerald City Building
View119 1st AVE Dexter Horton BuildingMaynard Building
View201 1st AVE J & M Hotel. J & M Bar and Cardroom, Jamieson & Moffett Saloon, (Jamieson & McFarland, Proprietors) Seattle Bar SaloonJ & M Hotel
View209 1st AVE Hotaling Block/ Marathon BuildingMarathon Building
View211 1st AVE Parker Building/ Silver Bow Hotel/ Portland Hotel Lodgings/ Killion BuildingLucky Hotel/ Killion Building
View212 Alaskan WAY O. K. HotelO. K. Hotel
View616 1st AVE Lowman and Hanford BuildingLowman and Hanford Building
View322 1st AVE Capitol Brewing and Malting Company/ Capitol Brewing CompanyJackson Building
View107 Occidental WAY Walker Block or Walker BuildingAl & Bob's Saveway
View115 S Jackson ST S Simonds Building and Brawley Building/ Rautman Plumbing and Heating CompanyFisher Building
View102 Occidental WAY Seattle National Bank Building/ "Pacific Block"/ "Smith Tower Annex"Interurban Building
View300 Occidental WAY State BuildingState Building/ (part of ) Burke-State Buiding
View171 S Jackson ST S Chapin Building, Fuller Building, Northcoast BuildingNorthcoast Building, Court in the Square
View512 2nd AVE Florence Theater/ Paris Theater512 2nd Avenue
View406-412 2ND AVENUE EXTENSIOIN Lexington Hotel (N portion)Monterey Hotel
View200 3rd AVE Davenport Hotel/ Hotel UnionUnion Hotel Apartments
View222 S Main ST S Corgiat Building/ Main HotelMain Hotel Building
View301 2nd AVE Fiesta Building/ Fiesta Coffee ShopNumber 1 Teriyaki
View between S. Jackson & 2nd Ave Extension Union Station SquareUnion Station Square
View416 Occidental AVE Graybar Electric Company/ Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Company BuildingGraybar Building/ Greybar Building
View221 S Washington ST S (building owned by Lou Graham) Graham Block (part of)Washington Court Building (Union Gospel Office)
View NW corner 2nd Ave S & S Main ST Annie E. Casey Waterfall Garden/ Casey Waterfall ParkAnnie E. Casey Waterfall Garden/ Waterfall Park
View Washington Street and Alaskan Way Harbor Entrance PergolaWashington Street Boat Landing Harbor Pergola
View904 1st AVE Anaconda Wire and Cable CompanyAutomated Equipment
View108 2nd Ave Extension 408 2nd Avenue Extension S. Leighton Center/ Leroy Helms Center/ Harbor Light
ViewFortson Square Fortson SquareFortson Square
View201 Yesler WAY Tyee SaloonCampbell Fuller Building
View108 S Washington ST S Terry and Kittinger BuildingDelmar Building and State Hotel
View502 2nd AVE Smith TowerSmith Tower
View105 1st AVE Schwabacher BuildingSchwabacher Building/ Gatzert and Schwabacher Building
View122 S Jackson ST S Ingels Block/ Crescent Manufacturing CompanyHerman Blumenthal Building/ Herman and Blumenthal Building
View114 Alaskan WAY Prudential Building/ Fred Cole BuildingPrudential Building
View401 S Jackson ST S Oregon and Washington Station/ Union Pacific Station/ Union StationUnion Station/ Sound Transit Headquarters
View319 2nd AVE Wittler Block. Shanks & Mills Block, Derig Hotel, Elliott House, Star LodgeCadillac Hotel
View307 3rd AVE Mottman Building/ Norris Safe Building/ NorrisMottman Building
View301 S Jackson ST S King Street Station/ Union Passenger Depot (not current Union Station)King Street Station
View Pioneer PL Pergola/ Comfort StationPergola
View100 S King ST S Hambaca Building/ Westland Building/ Tempco Quilters BuildingWestland Building
View619 2nd AVE Bailey Building/ Harrisburg BlockBroderick Building
View312 2nd AVE Moses Building/ Sartori BuildingMoses Building
View210 3rd AVE Richmond Paper Company/ Westcoast Wholesale DrugThe Lofts
View520 2nd AVE Collins BuildingCollins Building
View417 2nd Avenue Extension 417 Second Avenue Extension417 Second Avenue Extension
View1000 1st AVE A. L. Palmer BuildingPalmer Building
View171 S Washington ST S McCowan Block (western structure)McCoy's Tavern
View83 S Jackson ST S Schwabacher Hardware Annex/ Old Theater OfficeSchwabacher Hardware Annex
View110 Cherry ST Scheuerman Block/ Scheurman Block110 Cherry Street/ 700 1st Avenue
View216 1st AVE Squire Latimer BuildingGrand Central/ Grand Central on the Park
View109 Yesler WAY Merchant's Café/ Sanderson BlockMerchant's Café/ Hotel
View Prefontaine PL Prefontaine PlacePrefontaine Place
View116 & 118 S Washington ST S Scandinavian Hotel and Clancy Building116 & 118 S Washington St
View202 1st AVE Brunswick Balke Collender Company/ Buttnick BuildingButtnick Building
View612 1st AVE Howard BuildingHoward Building
View316 1st AVE Walker BuildingSeattle Quilt Building
View119 S Main ST S Union Trust BuildingUnion Trust Building
View411 1st AVE Seller BuildingSeller Building/ Hambach-Seller Building (grouped with Hambach Building)
View319 3rd AVE Pacific Drug Company/ Seattle Paint Company/ Stadium Furniture/ U. S. Rubber BuildingU. S. Rubber Building
View400 Occidental WAY J. M. Frink Building/ Washington Iron Works/ Washington Shoe Mfg. Company BuildingWashington Shoe Building/ Washington Shoe Company Building/ "The Shoe"
View401 1st AVE Schwabacher Hardware Company Building/ Pacific Marine Schwabacher BuildingMerrill Place Building Condominium
View117 S Main ST S Superior Candy and Cracker Company?Union Trust Company Annex
View107 Cherry ST Lowman BuildingLowman Building
View423 2nd Ave Extension H. K. Owens Building/ Metropole BuildingMetropole Building
View305 2nd AVE Fire Station # 10Fire Station # 2
View568 1st AVE Provident BuildingProvident Building
View206 3rd AVE Norton Building/ Northcoast Electric Company1904 Norton Building
View611 Post AVE Elgin Hotel/ Traveler's HotelTraveler's/ Post Mews
View219 S Washington ST S Graham Block/ 219 S. Washington Street/ Union Gospel Mission Hotel219 S. Washington Street
View124 S Washington ST S Hotel InterurbanThe Last Supper Club/ 124 S. Washington Street
View400 2nd Avenue Extension Chin Gee Hee Building400 2nd Avenue Extension South/ Kon Yick Building
View311 1st AVE Maud BuildingMaud Building
View1041 1ST AVE Westinghouse Electric CompanyGerry Manufacturing
View115 3rd AVE Frye Car ParkFrye Garage
View68 S Washington ST S Lowman and Hanford Printing and Binding BuildingWashington Park Building
View304 Alaskan WAY Oregon and Washington Railroad and Navigation Company/ Otto Sturham & SonsC & H Company
View109 1st AVE Terry Denny Building/ Northern HotelTerry Denny Building/ Northern Hotel
View219 1st AVE New England HotelNew England Hotel
View112 1st AVE Olympus CaféCity Club Building
View536 1st AVE Kaufman WarehouseSluggers/ Chippers Restaurant; Sneakers
View562 1 AVE Bornstein & Sons, Inc. Warehouse562 1rst Avenue South
View300 Occidental AVE Occidental MallOccidental Mall
View1028 1st AVE Geo. T. Maginnis Bottling WorksKalimantan/Bladesmith's Retail
View1014 1st AVE M. F. Backus WarehouseOlympic Reprographics
View315 2nd AVE Duncan and Sons Building/ Duncan and Sons Saddlery and ShoeDuncan Building
View605 1st AVE Yesler BuildingMutual Life Building
View606 2nd AVE Corona Building/ Oriental BuildingCorona Building
View104 1st AVE Lippy BuildingLippy Building
View900 1st AVE Roebling BuildingRoebling Building
View77 Yesler WAY Yesler HotelPioneer Square Hotel
View606 1st AVE Pioneer BuildingPioneer Building
View411 2nd Avenue Extension Circle Theater411 2nd Ave Extension S.
View501 1st AVE Seattle Hardware Company Warehouse AnnexSeattle Hardware Company Warehouse Annex
View400 Yesler WAY City Hall/ Public Safety BuildingYesler Building
View201 S Washington ST S Apex BuildingApex Building
View402 2nd AVE Crane Building/ Goldsmith BuildingGoldsmith Building - Court in the Square
View89 S Washington ST S J & M Annex/ Walter Collins BuildingJ & M Annex (part of J & M Hotel Building)
View215 2nd AVE Lucknow Building/ Ruggles BuildingLucknow Building; Lucknow/ Waterfall Place; Lucknow Ruggles Building
View220 2nd AVE Furuya BuildingMasin's Furniture
View318 2nd AVE Fulton Hotel/ Fulton Inn/ Totem Distributing CompanyOld Fulton Hotel
View310 1st AVE Marshall-Walker BuildingGlobe Building
View313 2nd AVE Hambach Warehouse/ Northwest Hotel SupplyMasin's Furniture
View1637 42nd AVE Unknown 
View619 Post AVE Old Post Station, Seattle Steam CompanyOld Post Station, Steam Plant
View213 1st AVE Branagan-Smith Building, Luck Hotel, Rocker Hotel"Hotel Building Converted Into Retail with Apartment Unit"
View206 1st AVE Gottstein BuildingCity Loan Building/ Buttnick City Loan Building
View1534 1ST AVE American RadiatorQueen Anne Window & Door
View611 Western AVE 611 Western Avenue611 Western Avenue
View123 S Jackson ST S Seattle Transfer Company/ Scientific SuppliesJackson Square Building
View101 S Jackson ST S Western Dry Goods Company/ Wax and Raine BuildingHeritage Building
View590 1st AVE Seattle Plumbing CompanyOld Johnson's Plumbing Building/ Washington State Public Stadium Authorities
View547 1st AVE West Transfer Company Building/ Duncan & Sons BuildingDuncan/ Franglors
View1 Yesler WAY Bedford Hotel1 Yesler Way
View419 Occidental AVE Manufacturers Building/ Manufacturers Exchange Building/ Stewart and Holmes/ McKesson & Robbins BuildingF. X. McRory Building/ McKesson and Robbins Building
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