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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View739 35TH AVE   
View5766 OAKLAWN PL   
View6306 WILSON AVE   
View4017 50TH AVE   
View4035 CASCADIA AVE   
View3927 47TH AVE   
View4124 48TH AVE   
View4918 28TH AVE   
View2719 S FERDINAND ST S   
View4921 28TH AVE   
View4626 51ST AVE   
View4616 51ST AVE   
View2804 S HUDSON ST S   
View4866 28TH AVE   
View10208 64TH AVE   
View6017 44TH AVE   
View5951 44TH AVE   
View9686 51ST AVE   
View9680 51ST AVE   
View3952 S HUDSON ST S   
View5150 S OTHELLO ST S   
View2469 S FERDINAND ST S   
View2465 S FERDINAND ST S   
View2455 S FERDINAND ST S   
View2451 S FERDINAND ST S   
View5229 S MYRTLE ST S   
View2415 S FERDINAND ST S   
View3627 S FINDLAY ST S   
View8735 HAMLET AVE   
View9823 60TH AVE   
View5307 32ND AVE   
View9856 63RD AVE   
View10002 64TH AVE   
View9908 WATERS AVE   
View4614 LINDEN AVE Hans B. & Josefine Grevstad HouseFischer/Smith Residence
View3917 E OLIVE ST E   
View8665 ISLAND DR   
View3246 CASCADIA AVE   
View3417 20TH AVE   
View6701 51ST AVE  Vietnames Presbyterian Brighton Church
View5150 S OTHELLO ST S   
View5766 S OAKLAWN PL S   
View315 N 46TH ST N   
View327 N 46TH ST N   
View323 N 46TH ST N   
View319 N 46TH ST N   
View405 E OLIVE ST E Stephensberg ApartmentsStephensberg Apartments
View309 N 46TH ST N   
View2808 Queen Anne AVE   
View4115 S COURT ST S   
View159 Garfield   
View3267 Conkling PL   
View1400 8th AVE   
View3284 Conkling PL   
View2931 10th PL Unknown 
View1907 12th AVE   
View201 Lakeside AVE Leschi Park Comfort Station 
View3041 11th   
View1022 1st AVE Unknown 
View3318 8th AVE Unknown 
View202 W HIGHLAND DR W Parkview ApartmentsParkview Apartments
View3 - 3 1/2 Smith ST Unknown 
View4328 13th AVE   
View4002 University WAY UnknownCollege Inn
View4527 21st AVE Delta Delta Delta SororityDelta Delta Delta Sorority
View3257 Conkling PL   
View2569 6th AVE Unknown 
View1612 26TH AVE Meagher Residence50 Senauer-Horsman Residence
View4554 NE 41st ST NE Laurelhurst Field HouseLaurelhurst Community Center
View2516 Nob Hill AVE   
View2111 5th AVE   
View1950 7th AVE   
View1747 NE 106th ST NE Victory Heights Center 
View2519 1st AVE   
View1404 3rd AVE Tower Apartments 
View2306 4th AVE   
View2420 8th AVE   
View2623 Mount Saint Helens PL   
View3287 Conkling PL   
View3316 35th AVE   
View158 Prospect ST Knoff, A. E., House 
View1611 9th Unknown 
View2556 1st AVE   
View2511 Nob Hill PL   
View2609 Mount Saint Helens PL   
View1510 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View1618 S Hinds ST S   
View1818 NE 45TH ST NE UnknownThe Lighthouse
View2506 4th AVE   
View2802 32nd AVE   
View5948 39th AVE Brighton Playfield Shelter House 
View3273 Conkling PL   
View2905 Mayfair AVE   
View715 W Florentia PL W   
View102 Galer ST The Marcanna 
View2912 10th PL Unknown 
View1710 14th AVE   
View802 W McGraw W   
View925 34th AVE Madrona Playfield Shelter House 
View14 Newell Unknown 
View4625 Eastern AVE Bittman Residence 
View2706 Mount Saint Helens PL   
View1414 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View2706 Queen Anne AVE   
View2418 Nob Hill AVE Peterson-Schmid House 
View2534 10th AVE   
View611 W Crockett W Unknown 
View1110 4th AVE Unknown 
View1719 2nd AVE   
View14-16 Aloha ST   
View6245 FLORA AVE A. Victor and Thyra Tornquist House 
View6901 ELLIS AVE Edwin H. and Margaret Benedict House 
View2215 1st AVE   
View916 Queen Anne AVE Leona ApartmentsParkridge Apartments
View611 W Raye ST W Unknown 
View350 NE 51st ST NE   
View1420 Bigelow AVE Unknown 
View2511 4th AVE Unknown 
View367 Prospect AVE   
View728 S Concord ST S Unknown 
View365 Halladay ST Rogers, John E., House 
View2502 Nob Hill AVE   
View2572 8th AVE Unknown 
View2000 S Spokane ST S   
View4348 13th AVE   
View2815 10th PL Graham, William & Gladys, House 
View5520 Ravenna AVE Ravenna Park Shelter House 
View809 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View3715 S Angeline ST S Strelic Residence 
View821 W Barrett W Unknown 
View1121 NE Ravenna BLVD NE Unknown 
View302 Howe ST   
View1015 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View8011 Fauntleroy WAY Lincoln Park Shelter House 
View2819 10th PL Duplica House 
View4751 18TH AVE Unknown 
View1924 1th AVE Unknown 
View5808-5812 15TH AVE Ravenna Parkside ApartmentsParkside Apartments
View3715 S Angeline ST S Strelic, John, House 
View3322 9th AVE Unknown 
View742 W Etruria ST W   
View2509 Nob Hill AVE   
View3323 8th Unknown 
View18 Newell ST   
View2515 Nob Hill PL   
View3037 10th AVE   
View2540 Shoreland DR   
View2800 10th AVE   
View2921 10th PL Unknown 
View4225 Brooklyn AVE Canterbury CourtCanterbury Court
View517 Prospect   
View1934 10th AVE Burroughs, Stephanie, House 
View2510 Nob Hill PL   
View3255 10th Unknown 
View2217 Bigelow AVE   
View2571 10th AVE Unknown 
View3003 17th AVE   
View400 Blaine ST Four Hundred Blaine Apartments 
View316 W Newell ST W   
View2303 16th AVE   
View182 Lee ST   
View1427 3rd AVE   
View3327 8th Unknown 
View2505 Nob Hill Unknown 
View460 McGraw ST   
View2500 Lake Washington BLVD Washington Park Playfield Shelter House 
View3253 Conkling PL   
View2470 Nob Hill AVE   
View1904 NE 52ND ST NE Unknown 
View3260 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View4304 13th AVE   
View7367 47th AVE Lincoln Park Maintenance Shop 
View1421 S HANFORD ST S   
View3236 CASCADIA AVE   
View2711 Warren AVE Unknown 
View2567 10th AVE   
View603 3RD AVE Third West Apartments 
View856 S Sullivan ST S Unknown 
View938 1st AVE   
View1403 2nd AVE Unknown 
View457 Wheeler ST   
View1906 5th AVE   
View2324 Shoreland DR   
View4214 Burke AVE   
View2529 8th AVE   
View3807 S MCCLELLAN ST S   
View2351 31st AVE   
View720 W Etruria W   
View211 Ward ST   
View1004 W Armour W Unknown 
View505 1ST AVE Wedgewood Courty ApartmentsInn at Queen Anne
View812 W Bothwell W Unknown 
View1423 7th AVE Foss, Arthur and Ellen, House 
View1610 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1610 6th AVE Unknown 
View612 1ST AVE Buena Vista ApartmentsQueen Anne Arms
View4303 13th AVE   
View153 Prospect ST Wakefield-Kuppler House 
View1419 Nob Hill AVE   
View1505 32nd AVE   
View1100 SW Cloverdale ST SW Highland Park Playfield Shelter House 
View1407 Bigelow AVE Unknown 
View502 Lee ST   
View2909 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View1412 8th AVE   
View3401 15th AVE   
View5312 Latona AVE   
View700 W Lee ST W Waechter, O. A., House 
View3327 CASCADIA AVE   
View1022 Howe ST Unknown 
View708 WARREN AVE   
View100-120 W Highland DR W Victoria ApartmentsThe Victoria
View3252 10th AVE   
View2810 11th Unknown 
View2232 34th AVE   
View1610 11th AVE   
View5006 7th AVE Unknown 
View326 W MERCER WAY W Lola Apartments 
View2233 14th AVE Unknown 
View467 McGraw ST   
View5901 W Green Lake WAY W Lower Woodland Park Comfort Station #1 (1924) 
View2636 Cascadia AVE   
View5226 17TH AVE Unknown 
View464 Crockett ST Unknown 
View2928 Queen Anne   
View5008 17TH AVE Unknown 
View318 Halladay   
View312 Halladay   
View3207 10th   
View3279 Conkling PL   
View5900 Lake Washington BLVD Seward Park InnSeward Park Cultural Arts Office/Annex
View2524 1st AVE   
View1405 S BAYVIEW ST S   
View2580 8th AVE Unknown 
View2632 Nob Hill AVE   
View1019 W Fulton W   
View1423 Warren   
View20 W Garfield W Unknown 
View3428 14th AVE   
View420 Halladay   
View107 Galer Unknown 
View2566 6th AVE Unknown 
View3709 CASCADIA AVE   
View5706 -5708 17TH AVE Unknown 
View3246 CASCADIA AVE   
View421 W Highland DR W Kerry, Albert S., HouseKerry House
View5900 Lake Washington BLVD Seward Park Comfort Station #2 (1932) 
View345 W OLYMPIC PL W Spalding, Joseph & Drucilla, House 
View2101 30th AVE   
View2555 10th AVE   
View3020 10th AVE Unknown 
View5263 17TH AVE H. W. McCormack Residence 
View3002 11th   
View409 Garfield ST   
View2559 6th AVE Unknown 
View364 Halladay Unknown 
View3211 10th Unknown 
View3218 Conkling PL   
View1112 4th AVE   
View124 WARREN AVE Queen's CourtQueen's Court
View466 W Wheeler ST W Unknown 
View322 Halladat   
View3203 Conkling PL Unknown 
View811 W Cremona W   
View3815 25th AVE   
View209 Highland DR   
View1532 6th AVE Unknown 
View204 Garfield ST   
View3218 10th AVE   
View2265 12th AVE Unknown 
View458 McGraw ST   
View5800-5804 15TH AVE Heather Arms ApartmentsHeatherfield Apartments
View1717 NE 55TH ST NE Johnson, J. A., House #1 
View1619 NE 52ND ST NE Johnson, J. A., House #2 
View2106 NE 47th ST NE Alpha Delta Phi FraternityAustin House
View1800 NE 47TH ST NE Alpha Tau Omega FraternityDelta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity
View4522 18TH AVE Theta Xi FraternityTheta Xi Fraternity
View5002 19TH AVE Johnson, George, House 
View2714 Queen Anne AVE   
View5046 16TH AVE Hemingway, Ernest E., House 
View1818 NE 47TH ST NE Psi Upsilon Fraternity 
View5225 17TH AVE Alberty, Louis C. and Ada, House 
View6237 CARLETON AVE Bert E. Cook House 
View623 W MERCER PL W  Mercer Manor
View2150 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Chamberlain Residence50 Ahmann Residence
View1382 33rd AVE   
View4703 21st AVE Zeta Psi FraternityZeta Psi Fraternity
View5509 17TH AVE   
View5211 17TH AVE Buie, J. Clarence and Irene, House 
View5263 18TH AVE   
ViewPark Home CIR Beck, William W. and Louise C., EstateCandy Cane Lane Group
View5004 17TH AVE Kappa Sigma Fraternity17th Avenue House
View1616 NE 50TH ST NE Alpha Chi Omega SororityAlpha Xi Delta Sorority
View4505 18TH AVE Sigma Chi FraternitySigma Chi Fraternity
View711 NE 43rd ST NE   
View2116 NW Vernon PL NW Stimson Mill OfficeStimson Mill Office
View505 13th AVE Squire ApartmentsMohawk Apartments
View402 15th AVE Fire Station #7Fire Station #7
View1600 E John ST E Anhalt ApartmentGroup Health Cooperative
View113-117 Summit AVE Biltmore AnnexBiltmore Annex
View6119 Phinney AVE La BohemeSully's Snowgoose
View615-625 W McGraw ST W Banks & Mock's BakeryMacrina/Fountainhead
View316 Florentia ST Bleitz Funeral HomeBleitz Funeral Home
View1461 Magnolia BLVD Magnolia Park Comfort Station 
View736 W Etruria W Unknown 
View1947-1949 9th AVE Unknown 
View2534 8th AVE Unknown 
View364 Newell Unknown 
View152 Galer   
View2131 5th AVE   
View1511 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Phillips/Hemphill Residence 
View2721 Warren AVE Unknown 
View1419 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View3228 Conkling PL Unknown 
View2021 5th AVE   
View508 Prospect   
View2323 Bigelow AVE   
View1631 4th AVE Verhulst, John & Clara, House 
View107 1st AVE Pauleze ApartmentsArkona Apartments
View551 1st AVE Triangle Hotel/ Flatiron BuildingTriangle Hotel & Bar Tavern
View2723 33rd AVE   
View1612 1st AVE Unknown 
View1512 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View1320 Queen Anne AVE Anhalt Apartments 
View352 Halladat   
View3256 Conkling PL   
View4110 14th AVE   
View1620 11th AVE Unknown 
View837 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View3210 S LANDER ST S   
View108 Newell ST Unknown 
View3241 35th AVE   
View1724 NE 55TH ST NE Unknown 
View315 Newton Unknown 
View1914 Bigelow AVE Kingsbury Apartments 
View2921 15th AVE   
View1707 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1407 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View3014 10th AVE   
View2271 N 54th ST N   
View2312 Nob Hill AVE   
View1502 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View2311 33rd AVE   
View2917 15th AVE   
View2202 S FOREST ST S   
View1951 8th AVE   
View1619 Nob Hill AVE   
View3301 14th AVE   
View319 Smith PL   
View1429 7th AVE Warrack, James D., House 
View755 S HOMER ST S Georgetown Presbyterian Church and AnnexNew Direction Missionary Baptist Church
View1722 Warren AVE Unknown 
View827 S Southern ST S Unknown 
View1810 17th AVE   
View3904 24th PL   
View915 W Barrett ST W Bryan, Robert & Jo Ann, House 
View2344 Shoreland DR   
View6718 FLORA AVE Giovanni Devoto House 
View2140 7th AVE Unknown 
View3327 Lafayette AVE   
View331 W Kinnear PL W   
View353 Highland DR Unknown 
View1202 5th AVE   
View2540 8th AVE Unknown 
View1711 14th AVE   
View1608 1st AVE Unknown 
View4519 14th AVE   
View3202 18th AVE   
View707 W Prospect ST W Ulrich, Russell and Amy, House 
View2659 Cascadia AVE   
View6616 FLORA AVE Budnick House #2 
View2641 Cascadia AVE   
View100 W Olympic PL W The Ireland 
View3047 11th ST Unknown 
View2508 Nob Hill AVE   
View3724 CASCADIA AVE   
View3262 Conkling PL   
View819 W Lee ST W Batley, William & Jessie, House 
View905 Olympic WAY Kinnear ApartmentsKinnear Apartments
View4311 14th AVE   
View3270 Conkling PL   
View3134 37th PL   
View111 TOWER PL Griffin, Arthur E., House 
View2801 32nd AVE   
View1615 3rd AVE   
View2337 31st AVE   
View2426 10th AVE Unknown 
View415 McGraw ST Chase, Fred & Violet, House 
View1631 1st AVE Unknown 
View1533 30th AVE   
View3226 CASCADIA AVE   
View1605 3rd AVE Unknown 
View104 Garfield ST Unknown 
View214 Garfield ST Unknown 
View2518 Nob Hill PL   
View2616 Queen Anne   
View1618 E Calhoun ST E Montlake Field HouseMontlake Community Center
View14 W Comstock ST W   
View2624 Mt Adams PL   
View360 Halladay   
View1616 8th AVE   
View103 Galer   
View1020 NE 82nd ST NE Maple Leaf Playfield Shelter House 
View1716 58TH  
View405 Prospect  405 Prospect Building
View400 Highland DR   
View803 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View1317 Willard AVE Allen, Dr. Eugene, House 
View721 W Florentia W Unknown 
View308 Lee ST   
View665 W Highland DR W Black, Lyman and Marion, House 
View1 W HIGHLAND DR W Treat, Harry Whitney, HouseGable House
View3609 38th AVE   
View205 W Lee ST W Montrose Court ApartmentsMontrose Court Apartments
View2432 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Birkinshaw Residence50 Rye-Digene Residence
View1746 S HANFORD ST S   
View5025 NE Ravenna AVE NE Unknown 
View514 Crockett ST Hull, Stephen & Rose, House 
View3023 10th AVE Gardner, Robert and Jean, House 
View3263 Conkling PL Hanley, Merle & Mae Beth, House 
View3034 10th AVE Van Hollebeke, George and Helen, House 
View301 W Kinnear PL W Albers-Dikeman HouseKohl-Welles House
View2456 4th Unknown 
View2820 S Myrtle ST S Van Asselt Shelter HouseVan Asselt Community Center
View4103 Burke AVE   
View3220 Conkling PL   
View2574 4th AVE   
View2514 Nob Hill PL Maxeiner, Alois & Bernice, House 
View325 W Kinnear PL W Cawsey, C. C. HouseCawsey House
View425 Smith ST Lackner-Turley House 
View1806 11th AVE Maher, Michael & Estelle, House 
View1416 Bigelow AVE Birkeland-Gibbons House 
View817 W Barrett ST W   
View836 W Fulton W Unknown 
View2722 BROADWAY AVE Hayes, Samuel E. and Margaret H., HouseByers, Alice, House
View2612 1st Unknown 
View1415 Willard AVE Wiltsie-Muehe House 
View3245 37th AVE   
View2915 1st AVE   
View2562 10th AVE Unknown 
View1710 1st AVE Unknown 
View1606 1st AVE Unknown 
View1614 3rd AVE Unknown 
View3216 S DOSE TER S   
View2502 Nob Hill PL   
View368 Halladay ST   
View823 W Garfield ST W   
View1511 N Dorothy PL N   
View3319 8th Unknown 
View2512 Nob Hill AVE   
View314 Halladay   
View4715 BEACON AVE   
View2120 8th AVE   
View1949 8th AVE Toby, Thomas & Lizze, House 
View324 W Kinnear PL W   
View923 NW 54th ST NW Gilman Playfield Shelter House 
View1239 Bigelow AVE   
View2130 6th AVE   
View717 W Garfield ST W Waechter, H. F., House 
View2507 10th AVE Christensen, Walter & Hilma, House 
View202 W Prospect ST W Sparger, Robert, House 
View2465 Nob Hill AVE   
View2909 15th AVE   
View839 S Elmgrove ST S Unknown 
View5900 Lake Washington BLVD Seward Park Comfort Station #1 (1932) 
View2519 Nob Hill PL   
View3252 Conking PL Unknown 
View2118 8th AVE   
View2934 1st AVE   
View2512 11th AVE Unknown 
View1101 17th AVE Mayfair ManorMayfair Manor
View510 Galer ST Unknown 
View5201 Green Lake WAY Lower Woodland Park Shelter HouseRecreation Information Office
View2126 6th AVE Unknown 
View827 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View2506 Nob Hill AVE   
View1910 N 41st ST N   
View5212 Ravenna AVE Unknown 
View3020 11th AVE Unknown 
View806 W Burnett ST W Unknown 
View719 W McGraw ST W   
View125 Warren AVE Pittsburgh ApartmentsPittsburgh Apartments
View2419 10th AVE   
View615 W Crockett W Unknown 
View408 Aloha ST Unknown 
View2501 Nob Hill PL   
View1305 1st AVE St. Anne's ConventSt. Anne's Convent
View1504 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View2568 10th AVE Unknown 
View310 W Highland DR W Lawlor, J. W., House 
View2501 9th AVE   
View812 W Barrett ST W Case, William & Louise, House 
View356 Halladay Unknown 
View472 Wheeler ST   
View1607 9th Unknown 
View3236 37th PL   
View3307 9th Unknown 
View5040 19TH AVE Unknown 
View1007 W Fulton W   
View3232 Conkling PL   
View2714 10th AVE Unknown 
View2311 Lake Park DR Mount Baker Park Comfort Station 
View2227 1st AVE   
View2521 6th AVE   
View1409 2nd AVE Unknown 
View2121 31st AVE   
View614 W GARFIELD ST W   
View319 W Roy W   
View3232 37th PL   
View3826 24th PL   
View709 W Halladay ST W   
View412 Lynn ST   
View2701 33rd AVE   
View1001 WARREN AVE Mengedoht, Carl, House 
View2229 1st AVE   
View431 Smith ST Unknown 
View2514 30th AVE   
View2651 10th AVE Unknown 
View2012 NE 52nd ST NE Unknown 
View1902 5th AVE Amhirst Apartments 
View1400 Bigelow AVE Hart-Monteith House 
View3009 S BYRON ST S   
View1605 NE 47TH ST NE UnknownUCU Fraternity
View2657 10th AVE   
View1101 NE Ravenna BLVD NE Unknown 
View2504 Nob Hill PL   
View514 Lee ST Unknown 
View2724 Warren AVE Unknown 
View1802 4th AVE Ryan, John E., House 
View3419 CASCADIA AVE   
View2503 Nob Hill AVE   
View2517 4th AVE   
View1209 S WINTHROP ST S   
View3006 14th Unknown 
View4159 14th AVE   
View25 W Highland DR W Narada ApartmentsNarada Apartments
View456 Wheeler   
View715 W Halladay ST W Brooks, Orren & Mary, House 
View3116 16th AVE   
View1601 3rd AVE Unknown 
View4703 BEACON AVE   
View5241 17TH AVE Unknown 
View515 W Prospect ST W   
View1518 5th AVE Fifth Avenue North ApartmentsFifth Avenue North Apartments
View1439 E Prospect ST E Bloch, William, House 
View2316 11th AVE Creighton, Gordon, Residence 
View1317 E Boston ST E Gilmore, John, House 
View1216 E Newton ST E unknown 
View740 22nd AVE Spencer, Laura, House 
View1215 E Lynn ST E Green, Athol 
View1551 10th AVE Leary, Eliza Ferry, HouseDiocesan House
View1015 E Prospect ST E Hurlbut, Frederick R., House 
View958 17th AVE unknownMaryknoll Mission
View2005 E Galer ST E Borash, Milton D., House 
View1626 E Boston TER E Merritt, Fred & Constance, Residence 
View2332 11th AVE Bladine, A. A., Residence 
View1439 E Ward ST E Burns, Frank E., House 
View1424 E Ward ST E Crowe, F. T. 
View1428 E Aloha ST E unknown 
View1617 E Boston TER E Block, Robert J., Residence 
View1512 E Olin PL E unknown 
View902 22nd AVE Clapp, Joseph & Alice, House 
View1633 17th AVE German HomeGerman Home
View934 22nd AVE Gunn, J. A., House 
View1664 Federal AVE Booth, Lawrence, Residence 
View1205 22nd AVE Jordan, Frank & Ada, House 
View418 E Loretta PL E Biltmore ApartmentsBiltmore Apartments
View233 14th AVE Bering, TheBering, The
View2012 43rd AVE Lakecrest/Shoremont ApartmentsLake Court Apartments
View604 E UNION ST E Union Arms/Union ManorUnion Arms/Union Manor
View4800 Fremont AVE Hawthorne SquareHawthorne Square
View125 Harvard AVE Harvard CrestHarvard Crest
View1414 Seneca ST Maxmillian ApartmentsMaxmillian Apartments
View1562 Olive WAY Faneuil HallFaneuil Hall
View400 Boylston AVE Park Lane ApartmentsPark Lane Apartments
View1220 Boren AVE Marlborough HouseMarlborough House
View845 Bellevue PL Roundcliffe, TheRoundcliffe, The
View1705 Belmont AVE Charbern, TheCharbern, The
View417 Harvard AVE 417 Harvard417 Harvard
View1516 E Republican ST E Twin GablesTwin Gables
View720 Seneca ST Exeter, TheExeter House
View925-931 11th AVE HighlandHighland
View1801 18th AVE Rosina CourtRosina Court
View615 Bellevue AVE Royvue GardenRoyvue Garden
View420 Vine ST Davenport ApartmentsDavenport Apartments
View420 Wall ST Devonshire ApartmentsDevonshire Apartments
View2434 E MILLER ST E Laughman Residence
View2226 E LOUISA ST E Fleischmann Residence
View1716 NE 56TH ST NE  
View4509 19TH AVE  
View5513 20TH AVE  
View5247 19TH AVE  
View2610 24TH AVE 04 Kavanaugh Residence
View2611 24TH AVE 04 Donnelly-Ross Residence
View2616 24TH AVE 04 Roach Residence
View2422 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Ringenburg Residence
View2436 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Randall Residence
View2512 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Pittaway Residence
View2607 ROYAL CT 04 Trupin-Hundley Residence
View2556 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Kleinman Residence
View1628 BELLEVUE AVE Ansonia ApartmentsAnsonia Apartments
View2528 E LYNN ST E Johnson-Chetlimer Residence
View5607 PARK RD  
View5617 PARK RD  
View5621 PARK RD  
View2030 26TH AVE 41 Wessells Residence
View2042 26TH AVE 41 Phillips Residence
View2605 E LYNN ST E 41 Williamson Residence
View2012 19TH AVE 42 Thompson Residence
View2018 19TH AVE 42 Luke Residence
View2024 19TH AVE 42 Jorgensen Residence
View1955 20TH AVE 42 Ashworth Residence
View1903 21ST AVE 42 Carey Residence
View1904 21ST AVE 42 Strong Residence
View1915 E EATON PL E Wolfstone Residence42 Cantor Residence
View1919 E EATON PL E McAllister Residence42 LaFond Residence
View2003 E EATON PL E McJannet Residence42 Chapman Residence
View2005 E EATON PL E Berryman Residence42 Forsberg Residence
View2007 E EATON PL E Levinski Residence 42 Robinson-Braman Residence
View2010 E EATON PL E Hull Residence42 Majid Residence
View1905 22ND AVE Prescott Residence42 Ailion Residence
View1908 22ND AVE Voegtlin Residence42 Johnson Residence
View1909 22ND AVE Diamond Residence 42 Canady
View1941 BOYER AVE Kahler Residence42 Karkeck Residence
View1953 BOYER AVE Koch Residence42 Kragianis-Nozipho Residence
View2008 26TH AVE 41 Pernell Residence
View1961 BOYER AVE Ash Residence42 Gillett-Macks Residence
View2001 BOYER AVE Morgan Residence42 Georgakopoulos Residence
View1913 E BLAINE ST E 43 Debique Residence
View1919 E BLAINE ST E 43 Hobbs Residence
View1921 E BLAINE ST E 43 Marcuss Residence
View2017 E MCGRAW ST E Butler Residence
View2023 E MCGRAW ST E Duncan Residence
View5009 16TH AVE  
View5210 16TH AVE  
View2034 26TH AVE 41 Johnson Residence
View2038 26TH AVE 41 Heller Residence
View1911 E EATON PL E Glaser Residence42 Olson Residence
View1906 22ND AVE Tennyson Residence42 Hulton Residence
View2037 BOYER AVE Nelson Residence42 Anderson Residence
View2045 BOYER AVE Shaffer Residence42 Raitzer Residence
View1929 E BLAINE ST E 43 Matter Residence
View1933 E BLAINE ST E 43 Warren Residence
View2604 E MONTLAKE PL E Brennan Residence 
View2219 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Lawrence Residence 
View2810 MONTLAKE BLVD John W. Nordstrom House 
View2309 BOYER AVE Lee Residence 
View2316 BOYER AVE Arnot Residence 
View2455 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Gibson Residence 
View2465 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Reed residence 
View2308 BOYER AVE Mooney Residence 
View2324 BOYER AVE Knaust Residence 
View1614 E LYNN ST E Oseran Residence 
View2535 ROYAL CT Port Residence09 Skanderson Residence
View2528 ROYAL CT 09 Hinrichs Residence
View2015 E LOUISA ST E Andrews Residence10 Kaplan Residence
View2019 E LOUISA ST E Prakken Residence10 Weitkamp Residence
View1810 E LYNN ST E Warrington Residence 
View2556 25TH AVE 09 Hsieh + Chang Residence
View2562 25TH AVE 09 Howitson Residence
View2505 E ROANOKE ST E 09 Evans Residence
View2515 E ROANOKE ST E 09 Kleinschmidt Residence
View2555 E ROANOKE ST E 09 Schumy Residence
View2302 BOYER AVE England Residence 
View1602 E LYNN ST E Murdoch Residence 
View1608 E LYNN ST E Anderon Residence 
View1612 E LYNN ST E Hain Residence 
View2527 ROYAL CT 09 Reyhner Residence
View2532 ROYAL CT 09 Davidson Residence
View2531 ROYAL CT 09 Macleod Residence
View2536 ROYAL CT 09 Seely Residence
View1618 E LYNN ST E Norton Residence 
View1622 E LYNN ST E Hoglund Residence 
View1626 E LYNN ST E Kelliher-Brackett Model House 
View1900 E BLAINE ST E 36 Manella residence
View1916 E BLAINE ST E 36 Engel residence
View1920 E BLAINE ST E 36 Garden Residence
View1950 E BLAINE ST E 36 R.M. Land Company
View2020 E HOWE ST E 36 Richey Residence
View2049 E NEWTON ST E 36 Newton LLC Residence
View1618 E CALHOUN ST E Montlake Field House and Playfield 19 Montlake Field House and Playfield
View633 W MERCER PL W  
View1110 6TH AVE  
View105 MERCER ST Maxine ApartmentsMercer Apartments
View527 1ST AVE Gordon Apartments 
View26 HARRISON ST Dalmasso ApartmentsDalmasso Apartments
View5625 PARK RD  
View5627 PARK RD  
View2105 NE PARK RD NE  
View2106 NE PARK RD NE  
View2110 NE PARK RD NE  
View2114 NE PARK RD NE  
View2115 NE PARK RD NE  
View2118 NE PARK RD NE  
View2120 NE PARK RD NE  
View2132 NE PARK RD NE  
View2502 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Conkling Residence
View2707 BROADWAY AVE Arensberg, Charles and Anna M., HouseBurnett, James E. and Silverstone, Sharon R., House
View5710 15TH AVE  
View4702 17TH AVE  
View5500 17TH AVE  
View5815 17TH AVE  
View5233 19TH AVE  
View5244 19TH AVE  
View2610 GLENWILDE PL 04 Hawkins Residence
View1603 BOYER AVE Harmer Residence50 Morrison Residence
View2124 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Howe Residence50 Monks-Lavin Residence
View2112 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Foster Residence50 Feldman Residence
View2428 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Clark Residence
View2618 GLENWILDE PL 04 Long Residence
View2163 BOYER AVE West Residence 34 Brown Residence
View2167 BOYER AVE Harris Residence 34 Skarin Residence
View2001 19TH AVE Thorne Residence 34 Sugarman Residence
View1910 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Hyse Residence34 Derschang Residence
View2007 19TH AVE Thorne Residence 34 Parke Residence
View2145 BOYER AVE Mills Residence 34 Davis Residence
View2005 BOYER AVE Madden Residence42 Burkart Residence
View2025 BOYER AVE Sleigh Residence42 Hart Residence
View2029 BOYER AVE Kronfield Residence42 Shields Residence
View2033 BOYER AVE Inkeles Residence 42 Connorton Residence
View1821 23RD AVE 44 Frey Residence
View1908 21ST AVE Merritt Residence42 Fogdall Residence
View1912 21ST AVE Goldman Residence42 Pagano-Mehdi Residence
View1951 21ST AVE Goss Residence 42 Rosenblatt Residecne
View1963 21ST AVE Udhus Residence42 Branson-Raab Residence
View2272 E HOWE ST E 44 Gehrke Residence
View2150 E HAMLIN ST E Edington Residence 
View2225 E NEWTON ST E 44 Flying Fish LLC residence
View1764 BOYER AVE 45 Harvey residence
View2011 E EATON PL E 42 Pierson Residence
View1955 21ST AVE 42 Blitz Residence
View2009 BOYER AVE Becker Residence42 Flanders Residence
View1957 E BLAINE ST E 43 Chermack Residence
View1853 23RD AVE 44 Rothbefg Residence
View1824 24TH AVE 45 Byrd residence
View1917 25TH AVE 45 Werner residence
View1957 25TH AVE 45 Dreis Residence
View1901 22ND AVE Prigmore Residence42 Smith Residence
View1945 BOYER AVE Blangy Residence42 Bailey Residence
View1957 BOYER AVE Dewsnap Residence42 Cooke Residence
View2236 E BLAINE ST E 44 Zimmer Residence
View1907 E BLAINE ST E 43 Lamb Residence
View1915 E BLAINE ST E 43 O'Brien Residence
View1941 E BLAINE ST E 43 Trotter Residence
View1945 E BLAINE ST E 43 Peiper Residence
View1949 E BLAINE ST E 43 Albus Residence
View2036 BOYER AVE 43 Abramson Residence
View2040 BOYER AVE 43 Duvall Residence
View2044 BOYER AVE 43 Halfaker Residence
View2048 BOYER AVE 43 Residence
View1817 23RD AVE 44 Gray Residence
View1925 E BLAINE ST E 43 Goldsmith Residence
View1937 E BLAINE ST E 43 Kanive Residence
View2052 BOYER AVE 43 Catania Residence
View2219 E HOWE ST E 44 Russell Residence
View2223 E HOWE ST E 44 Handler Residence
View1927 25TH AVE 45 Cox Residence
View1800 E SHELBY ST E 01 Phi Chi Fraternity
View2158 E SHELBY ST E Dunn Residence 
View1827 E SHELBY ST E Friedlander Residence 01 Walther Residence
View1816 24TH AVE Mayrand Residence45 Singer residence
View1821 25TH AVE Olson Residence45 Jackson residence
View2502 24TH AVE Callahan Residence 
View2121 E SHELBY ST E Scholtes Residence 
View2147 E SHELBY ST E Houlahan Residence 
View2516 24TH AVE Boone Residence 
View2814 W PARK DR W 01 Battuello Residence
View1925 E MILLER ST E 05 Wetter Residence
View2505 20TH AVE 05 Hansen Residence
View1852 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Meleshuk Pevt Residence
View2553 22ND AVE 06 Baker Residence
View1618 E CALHOUN ST E Montlake Field House 
View2226 E LOUISA ST E  
View2600 E MONTLAKE PL E Northwest Brick & Tile Model Home 
View2403 E ROANOKE ST E 08 Blakeney Residence
View2415 E ROANOKE ST E Pugh Residence08 Kahan Residence
View2556 24TH AVE Backstrom Residence08 Mahon Residence
View2560 24TH AVE Draper Residence08 Clark-Quinn Residence
View2564 24TH AVE Scott Residence 08 Remole Residence
View2610 E MONTLAKE PL E Umoff Residence 
View2507 W MONTLAKE PL W Spies Residence 
View2511 W MONTLAKE PL W Fellows Residence 
View2553 W MONTLAKE PL W Cherberg Residence 
View2223 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Kachel Residence 
View2409 E ROANOKE ST E 08 O'Rourke Residence
View227 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Davis Residence 
View2231 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Graf Residence 
View2415 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Swift Residence 
View2425 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Kefauver Residence 
View2429 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Fritz Residence 
View2445 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Bowles Residence 
View2445 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD McBurney Residence 
View1726 BOYER AVE Bradner Residence46 Chen-Whe Residence
View1630 E LYNN ST E Maxwell Residence 
View1802 E LYNN ST E Long Residence 
View1806 E LYNN ST E Spicer Residence 
View1735 26TH AVE Thorp Residence46 Russo Residence
View1737 26TH AVE Tucker Residence46 Orton Residence
View1751 26TH AVE Riddle Residence46 Harrison Residence
View1901 26TH AVE Freeman Residence46 Wiktor-Meher Residence
View1905 26TH AVE Matthews Residence46 Jessup-Powell Residence
View1936 25TH AVE Bell Residence46 Ashman Residence
View1950 25TH AVE Harmon Residence 46 Reichl Residence
View1703 26TH AVE Patton Residence46 Blume-McMeekin Residence
View1907 26TH AVE Stevning Residence 46 Tate Residence
View1911 26TH AVE Hayes Residence 46 Story Residence
View1923 26TH AVE White Residence46 Clarkson Residence
View1814 E LYNN ST E Jasper Residence 
View2457 26TH AVE Dowell Residence 
View2463 26TH AVE Cochrane Residence 
View1915 26TH AVE Schenck Residence 46 James-Moy Residence
View1805 E LYNN ST E Naon Residence 
View2315 19TH AVE Millais Residence  
View2451 26TH AVE Williamson Residence 
View2467 26TH AVE Peterson Residence 
View2454 19TH AVE Bunch Residence 
View2456 19TH AVE Ornberg Residence 
View1907 E MILLER ST E Davis Residence 
View1918 E MILLER ST E Brown Residence 
View2510 W MONTLAKE PL W Richards Residence 
View2817 E PARK DR E Burman Residence 
View1902 26TH AVE Weidman Residence 47 Forbush Residence
View1906 26TH AVE Smith Residence47 Mack-Mayerfeld residence
View2520 W MONTLAKE PL W Reynolds Residence 
View1942 BOYER AVE Tait Residence 48 Benoit Residence
View1948 BOYER AVE Nutt Residence48 McIver Residence
View2237 E BLAINE ST E Halpern Residence 48 Fraese Residence
View2269 E HOWE ST E Turner Residence48 Stukel Residence
View1912 E BLAINE ST E Eldrich Residence36 Retman Residence
View1908 E BLAINE ST E Cowan Residence 36 Nelson Residence
View1932 E BLAINE ST E 36 Griffin residence
View1938 E BLAINE ST E 36 Armstrong Residence
View1942 E BLAINE ST E 36 Costello Residence
View1946 E BLAINE ST E Williams Residence 36 Dimitrijevic Residence
View2220 22ND AVE 37 Turbak residence
View2271 E HOWE ST E Ames Residence 48 Adams Residence
View1902 E BLAINE ST E 36 Brougham Residence
View1904 E BLAINE ST E 36 Miller Residence
View1958 E BLAINE ST E 36 Wall Residence
View1905 E LYNN ST E 36 Rhodes Residence
View1909 E LYNN ST E Thompson Residence 36 Arvold residence
View1925 E LYNN ST E 36 Breyman residence
View1924 E BLAINE ST E 36 Mann Residence
View1928 E BLAINE ST E 36 Graham Residence
View1529 E MCGRAW ST E Tuohy Residence 26 Walz Residence
View1531 E MCGRAW ST E Lacy Residence 26 Montane Residence
View2311 16TH AVE Marshall Residence 26 Decker Residence
View2018 E NEWTON ST E 37 Glass Residence
View2020 E NEWTON ST E 37 Staub residence
View2047 23RD AVE 37 Namioka Residence
View2012 23RD AVE Neatby Residence38 Levin Residence
View2019 23RD AVE 37 Schroth Residence
View2041 23RD AVE 37 Malarkey Residence
View2026 23RD AVE Grossman Residence38 De Vesci residence
View2040 23RD AVE 38 Westward Breeze
View2052 23RD AVE Quinn Residence 38 Sunde Residence
View2304 E NEWTON ST E 38 Bartholomew residence
View2304 E LYNN ST E Oostenbrug Residence31 Ben-Shmuel Residence
View2048 23RD AVE 38 Daniels residence
View2304 22ND AVE 31 Knight residence
View2215 E MCGRAW ST E Howard Residence31 Lawry Residence
View2424 E LYNN ST E King Residence32 Santarelli Residence
View2307 18TH AVE Bohm Residence 27 Thompson Residence
View2306 16TH AVE Wilson Residence27 Carroll Residence
View2312 16TH AVE 27 Wagoner Residence
View2316 16TH AVE 27 Hooley Residence
View1611 E MCGRAW ST E 27 Stewart Residence
View1625 E MCGRAW ST E McCarty Residence 27 DiJulio Residence
View2060 23RD AVE 38 Farrokhi Residence
View2017 24TH AVE 38 Meyer Residence
View2428 E LYNN ST E Swanson Residence32 Stevenson residence
View2314 22ND AVE Kirchner Residence 31 Pettijohn Residence
View2311 18TH AVE Freeman Residence27 Doran Residence
View2315 18TH AVE 27 Hoover Residence
View1607 E MCGRAW ST E 27 Welch Residence
View1615 E MCGRAW ST E McLaughlin Residence 27 Blossey Residence
View1621 E MCGRAW ST E Phillips Residence 27 Deitz-Hribar Residence
View1909 E MCGRAW ST E 29 Boyes Residence
View2451 26TH AVE Williamson Residence17 Johnson Residence
View2457 26TH AVE Peterson Residence17 Root Residence
View1908 E CALHOUN ST E Lee Residence13 Ballbach Residence
View1532 E MCGRAW ST E Boye Residence 18 McCrory Residence
View2514 E CALHOUN ST E Estep Residence 17 Seurer Residence
View1612 E MCGRAW ST E Buchan Residence19 Todd Bruce Residence
View2465 20TH AVE Webb Residence13 Seto Residence
View1922 E CALHOUN ST E Shelton Residence 13 Stevenson Residence
View1925 E MILLER ST E Whitney Residence13 East Miller Condominiums
View2455 20TH AVE Rogers Residence13 Hagman Residence
View2461 20TH AVE Perry Residence13 McQueen Residence
View2463 25TH AVE Schoolfield Residence16 Hjelle Residence
View2409 E MILLER ST E McHardie Residence 16 Bentley Residence
View2203 E LOUISA ST E Raymer Residence11 Nelson Residence
View2213 E LOUISA ST E Baxter Residence11 Lindahl Residence
View2002 E CALHOUN ST E Lindblom Residence 14 Goodman Residence
View2411 E MILLER ST E Finn Residence16 Petersen Residence
View2029 E MILLER ST E Cave Residence14 Martinsen Residence
View2218 E MCGRAW ST E Norbom Residence 23 Grammer Residence
View2415 24TH AVE Hawkins Residence 23 Dwyer residence
View2512 22ND AVE Asia Residence11 Hardy Residence
View2216 E CALHOUN ST E McQuiston Residence 15 Morrow Residence
View2225 E MILLER ST E Swanson Residence 15 Kremen Residence
View2229 E MILLER ST E Scott Residence 15 Stevens Residence
View7558 32ND AVE  
View7554 32ND AVE  
View7748 33RD AVE  
View8320 19TH AVE  
View7003 34TH AVE  
View1102 NW 83RD ST NW  
View8340 16TH AVE  
View7745 33RD AVE  
View7740 33RD AVE  
View7343 ALONZO AVE  
View7100 28TH AVE  
View3032 NW 69TH ST NW  
View7757 23RD AVE  
View7734 JONES AVE  
View7533 31ST AVE  
View3323 NW 71ST NW  
View7744 33RD AVE  
View8042 11TH AVE  
View8030 20TH AVE  
View3310 NW 80TH ST NW  
View6827 34TH AVE  
View7019 19TH AVE  
View8027 DIBBLE AVE  
View7323 17TH AVE  
View7042 18TH AVE  
View1417 NE 42ND ST NE University Branch YMCAEagleson Hall
View571 VALLEY ST Zadra ApartmentsParker Place
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