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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View323 16th AVE La FlorLa Flor
View407 15th AVE UnknownJim's Barber Shop
View1239 E Newton ST E McIntyre Residence 
View429 15th AVE UnknownCoastal Kitchen
View2107 12th AVE Manheimer, Sanford & Ella, Residence 
View418 E Loretta PL E Biltmore ApartmentsBiltmore Apartments
View1007 15th AVE Cox, William & Nordica, House 
View101 Broadway U. S. Post OfficeU. S. Post Office
View233 14th AVE Bering, TheBering, The
View1067 E Harrison ST E Brew, H. D., Residence 
View1247 15th AVE Volunteer Park Comfort Station 
View2006 14th AVE unknown 
View1400 E Galer ST E Volunteer Park Horticulture & Grounds Maintenance Facility 
View1000 14th AVE Eckstein, Nathan, House 
View309 E Harrison ST E St. Ingbert ApartmentsSt.Ingbert Apartments
View1901 E Jefferson ST E Camdon ApartmentsCamdon Apartments
View942 16th AVE unknown 
View1439 E Prospect ST E Bloch, William, House 
View1158 17th AVE Calvert, William, Jr., House 
View1063 E Howe ST E unknown 
View747 16th AVE Aronson, Sigismund, House 
View1400 E PROSPECT ST E Volunteer Park Reservoir 
View406 Summit AVE 406 Summit406 Summit
View1052 E Galer ST E Greer, Robert P. and Charlotte, House 
View1051 E Galer ST E Fetter, Harvey and Sallie, House 
View304 Harvard AVE UnknownUnknown
View190-111 15th AVE UnknownYoga Arts & 1 other
View1100 E Newton ST E Hewitt, John H. & Pauline, Residence 
View1058 E Lynn ST E Gould, Carl and Dorothy, House 
View633 14TH AVE Whitcomb, David, Residence  
View933 17th AVE unknown 
View1317 E Boston ST E Gilmore, John, House 
View1225 E Newton ST E Rudd Residence 
View507-522 15th AVE UnknownJamjuree Thai Cuisine & 3 others
View914 22nd AVE Friedman, Harry, House 
View734 16th AVE unknown 
View1016 E Lynn ST E Vogue. E. E., House 
View500 19th UnknownCountry Doctor Community Clinic
View1326 Lakeview BLVD Minzel, Marvin, House 
View514-516 15th AVE UnknownOlympia Pizza & 1 other
View1405 E John ST E Anhalt ArmsAnhalt Arms
View2317 24th AVE UnknownLaw Offices
View955 16th AVE McCoy, Patrick, House 
View303 Harvard AVE Beverly Rae ApartmentsBeverly Rae Apartments
View1722 Belmont AVE Sterling CourtSterling Court
View1216 E Newton ST E unknown 
View2220 Federal AVE Chestnut House 
View1626 Federal AVE Carlson, Maxwell & Willadee, House 
View1825 Federal AVE Schmechel House #2 
View1254 10th AVE Collins, Wallace G., House 
View709 14th AVE Burwell, A. S., Residence 
View1633 18th AVE UnknownUnknown
View919 17th AVE unknown 
View312 E Olive PL E El Dora ApartmentsLauren Renee Apartments
View918 Denny WAY UnknownKRF Custom Picture Framing
View905 12th AVE Greenstreet, Rose, House 
View302 Malden AVE La Crosse ApartmentsLa Crosse Apartments
View920 22nd AVE Salmonetti, Fred, Residence 
View518-522 15th AVE UnknownAlterations Plus & 2 others
View740 22nd AVE Spencer, Laura, House 
View1215 E Lynn ST E Green, Athol 
View2212 Federal AVE Porter, Charles, House 
View952 16th AVE unknown 
View416 Broadway UnknownDilettante Chocolates
View214 13th AVE Rosemont ApartmentsRosemont Apartments
View1353 E Boston ST E Mayer, Harold, Residence 
View1617 Federal AVE Schwabacher, Morton & Emilie, Residence 
View2010 E Galer ST E Boettiger/Corbett House 
View125 Harvard AVE Harvard CrestHarvard Crest
View414 Broadway UnknownBailey/Coy Books
View1421 15th AVE Qualman, TheQualman, The
View1104 17th AVE Roy, C. L., Residence 
View612-616 Broadway UnknownSiam on Broadway & 1 other
View432-434 17th AVE Connor, Edward, Duplex 
View1004 E Galer ST E Johnstone, Frederick & Margarite, House 
View1007 14th AVE unknown 
View1801 10th AVE Hildebrandt House 
View1414 E Roy ST E McCormick-Anderson House 
View2007 14th AVE unknown 
View309 10th AVE McCowin, Charles, House 
View1830 Broadway Broadway Automotive ServiceVacant (used to be Godfather's), Vivace & Van Home Arch.
View1426 E Roy ST E Padden, Catherine, Residence 
View430 E Howell ST E UnknownOlive Terrace & 3 others
View1108 16th AVE unknown 
View1947 14th AVE unknown 
View1708 18th AVE Fisken, A. F., House 
View1551 10th AVE Leary, Eliza Ferry, HouseDiocesan House
View2316 11th AVE Creighton, Gordon, Residence 
View1108 10th AVE Hennig, Margaret, Residence 
View410 E Denny WAY E Budd & Co. (?)Studio 420 & 1 other
View1732 BROADWAY Bonney Watson MortuaryBonney Watson Funeral Home
View1425 E Ward ST E unknown 
View2020 E Galer ST E Miller, George C., House 
View2233 16th AVE unknown 
View2212 Everett AVE Sundsten, John & Gene, House 
View1743 Boylston AVE Mission InnMission Inn
View951 22nd AVE Zucco, Gaetan, Residence 
View1412 E Aloha ST E unknown 
View1822 Broadway UnknownU-Frame-It
View1310 E Lynn ST E Walkinshaw, Walter & Jean, Residence 
View1109 17th AVE unknown 
View1065 E Prospect ST E Washington ArmsWashington Arms
View427 Bellevue AVE Martha Lee ApartmentsMartha Lee Apartments
View917 16th AVE Loe, Dr. Adolph O., House 
View1728 E Madison ST E Morgan, N. E., House1728 Professional Building
View2401-2403 10th AVE UnknownMaxwell Chiropractic & 3 others
View1027 Bellevue CT Ben Lomond ApartmentsBen Lomond Apartments
View941 11th AVE FairmontFairmont
View1415 E Roy ST E McLean, M., House 
View1501 17th AVE UnknownVolunteer Park Market & Café
View2055 E Crescent DR E Miller, Alice, House 
View416 E Roy ST E BambergBamberg
View320 Harvard AVE UnknownUnknown
View212 BROADWAY Broadway Hardwarevacant
View115 BROADWAY Dick's Drive-InDick's Drive-In
View1526 E Olin PL E unknown 
View915 16th AVE unknown 
View946 12th AVE unknown 
View1400 E Galer ST E Volunteer Park Conservatory 
View1727 15th AVE Gaslight InnGaslight Inn Bed & Breakfast
View2820 E Ward ST E Washington Park Maintenance Shops 
View1709 E John ST E   
View1117 Federal AVE Kerry, Dr. Albert S., House 
View1206 E Newton ST E White, Horace, House 
View1247 15th AVE Volunteer Park Shelter House 
View937 17th AVE unknown 
View939 16th AVE unknown 
View1817 E Howell ST E Ruddies, Jennie, Residence 
View321 15th AVE UnknownKey Bank
View725 14th AVE Skinner, David E., House 
View1605 17th AVE Caroline Kline Galland HouseSeattle Mental Health Institute
View402 15th AVE Fire Station #7Fire Station #7
View118-122 Broadway Chevalier ApartmentsMarynel Apartments
View200-204 BROADWAY Flemington, TheThe Capitol Building
View229-235 BROADWAY Wilshire BuildingLota Building
View702 19th AVE Roycroft TheaterRussian Community Center
View127 BROADWAY Del-Teet FurnitureHollywood Video
View1600 E John ST E Anhalt ApartmentGroup Health Cooperative
View401-405 15th AVE Piggly Wiggly Marketnone
View113-117 Summit AVE Biltmore AnnexBiltmore Annex
View600-612 19th AVE Nash ApartmentsPelican Bay Art Cooperative
View1550-1560 E Olive WAY E Olive Way Improvement Co. BuildingSupercuts
View1907-1911 E Aloha ST E Capitol Hill Branch LibraryLaurel Gifts
View1100-1104 19th AVE Prospect MarketCapitol Chiropractic
View1510-1524 E Olive WAY E Olive Crest ApartmentsOlive Crest Apartments
View1500-1506 E Olive WAY E Burlingame Residential HotelBurlingame Residential Hotel
View1900 E Aloha ST E Lou Herron & Co. CleanersH2O
View321 Broadway Rehan ApartmentsCasa del Rey
View2351-2359 10th AVE SafewayCassis
View1825 Nagle PL Marianne ManorMarianne Manor
View225 BROADWAY Robert J. Nolan, FurrierPanache
View3200-3012 Harvard AVE Harwood ApartmentsA. W. Larson Building
View1015 E Prospect ST E Hurlbut, Frederick R., House 
View331 17th AVE Ladley, H. D., Residence 
View1562 Olive WAY Faneuil HallFaneuil Hall
View737 16th AVE unknown 
View2322 Federal AVE Grinstein Residence 
View1901 10th AVE Rhodes, Albert J., House 
View958 17th AVE unknownMaryknoll Mission
View2202 E John ST E Anderson, Dorothy, House 
View411-415 15th AVE UnknownVictrola & Superb cleaners
View1245 Federal AVE White, Mrs. C. F., Residence 
View519-523 15th AVE UnknownMuseum Quality Framing & 2 others
View521 19th AVE UnknownCounseling Ofiices
View400 Boylston AVE Park Lane ApartmentsPark Lane Apartments
View1223 17th AVE Collins, John 
View1833 Harvard AVE Abonita ApartmentsHarvard/Denny Medical Building
View627 13th AVE Ballinger, Marie, HouseJaponesque bungalow
View1356 E Olive WAY E UnknownBelvedere Vista Apts.
View1800 E OLIVE WAY E UnknownAll Seasons Cleaners
View505 Boylston AVE Viceroy ApartmentsViceroy Apartments
View1666 E Olive WAY E UnknownEvergreen Chiropractic Center
View2204 E John ST E Anderson, Dorothy, House #2 
View1625 Federal AVE Leonard, A. W., Residence 
View933 21st AVE Quinn, Albert S., House 
View1400 E Galer ST E Volunteer Park Cottage 
View618-624 Broadway Bartell DrugsPrincess Market & 3 others
View1417 E Aloha ST E unknown 
View1710 E Denny WAY E La QuintaLa Quinta
View933 16th AVE unknown 
View627 14th AVE Mary & Martha Hall 
View510 19th AVE UnknownBetty Lee Manor & 2 others
View420 17th AVE Finlay, H. A., House 
View1212 E Harrison ST E Evans, Thomas, Residence 
View606 22nd AVE MacGregor, Catherine, Residence 
View927 17th AVE unknown 
View1728 12th AVE UnknownCapitol Hill Market
View2005 E Galer ST E Borash, Milton D., House 
View1118 Federal AVE Bogle, Lawrence, Residence 
View733 12th AVE unknown 
View1450 E Republican ST E Astor CourtAstor Court
View1823 Nagle PL UnknownUnknown
View845 Bellevue PL Roundcliffe, TheRoundcliffe, The
View619-625 Broadway UnknownDeluxe Bar & Grill & 6 others
View1514 Bellevue AVE McDermott ApartmentsNew McDermott Apartments
View516-518 Broadway UnknownThan Brothers' & 1 other
View418 10th AVE Walker, Wesley, Residence 
View1705 Belmont AVE Charbern, TheCharbern, The
View1116 16th AVE unknown 
View1618 Lakeview BLVD Buschman, Peter, Residence 
View1820 16th AVE Laurelton ApartmentsLaurelton Apartments
View1204 Federal AVE Bentley-Scheetz House 
View1716-1718 E Olive WAY E Benjamin F. McAdoo OfficeBenjamin F. McAdoo Building
View1422 E Aloha ST E Cline, George W., House 
View1620 E PROSPECT ST E Bucklin, Edgar H., House 
View904 16th AVE Megrath, John, Residence 
View626 14th AVE Tripple, Robert, Residence 
View946 17th AVE Stirrat, James R., Residence 
View707 17th AVE Leigh, Charles P. and Belle, House 
View1000 E Garfield ST E Prosser-Hammond House 
View1305 E Prospect ST E Episcopal Bishop's Residence 
View613-617 1/2 Broadway Lewis BuildingThai Garden
View1831 BROADWAY Avon ApartmentsCapitol Crest Apartments
View1600 E Boston TER E Nichols Jr., Percival & Loyal, House 
View1802 12th AVE UnknownAction Tree Service & Apartments
View1741 Belmont AVE Dunlap ApartmentsEmerald Arms
View207 Boylston AVE UnknownFrankie's Personal Training Gym
View2311 Broadway Corley, George & Margaret, Residence 
View1809 10th AVE Calvert, Margaret, House 
View2009 12th AVE Bryce, Alex and Gertrude, House 
View1709 E John ST E   
View2015 10th AVE Hoff, Martha, House 
View1900 43rd AVE Madison Park Bathhouse 
View216 BROADWAY First Security BankPho 900
View1201 E Howell ST E UnknownJulienne's Day Spa
View606 Broadway UnknownJade Pagoda
View914-916 E Miller ST E UnknownClassical Acupuncture Clinic
View504 E Denny WAY E St. Florence ApartmentsSt. Florence Apartments
View1501 E Olive WAY E UnknownJack's Roadhouse
View2332 11th AVE Bladine, A. A., Residence 
View2227 Everett AVE Goldstein, Moe and Rose, Residence 
View1932 Federal AVE St. Barnabas Mission 
View1020 E Denny WAY E Lincoln Court ApartmentsLincoln Court Apartments
View1418 E Ward ST E Hamback, Albert & Hermina, House 
View1627 14TH AVE Hatch, William D., Residence 
View1821 Federal AVE Schmechel, Henry, Duplex 
View806 14th AVE Bordeaux, Thomas, House 
View417 Harvard AVE 417 Harvard417 Harvard
View2115 E Mercer ST E Wist, William, House 
View1230 Federal AVE Bond, Marshall, House 
View 12th AVE Volunteer Park Reservoir Gate House 
View1439 E Ward ST E Burns, Frank E., House 
View1009 E Thomas ST E Schwalm, Dorothy, Residence 
View1013 15th AVE Weber-Majors Residence 
View1812 16th AVE Martel ApartmentsMartel Apartments
View730 16th AVE unknown 
View1543 E Olin PL E unknown 
View1010 E Lynn ST E Du Bois, A. B., House 
View1516 E Republican ST E Twin GablesTwin Gables
View703 Bellevue AVE Bel Roy ApartmentsBel Roy Apartments
View201 17th AVE Buckley ApartmentsBuckley Apartments
View204-206 Belmont AVE UnknownB & O Espresso
View426 Broadway UnknownBart's Broadway Body Shop & 1 other
View 14th AVE Volunteer Park Standpipe (Water Tower) 
View1211 22nd AVE unknown 
View1421 E Aloha ST E unknown 
View1424 E Ward ST E Crowe, F. T. 
View1515 E Olin PL E unknown 
View801 E Harrison ST E UnknownRae-Anne Apartments
View1815 10th AVE Price, Mary, House 
View1626 E Boston TER E Merritt, Fred & Constance, Residence 
View600 E Howell ST E UnknownHowell St. Grocery Store
View904 E Miller ST E Chapman HouseEast Miller Condominium
View113 13th AVE Stark, R. H., House 
View1155 17th AVE unknown 
View2240 Everett AVE Seaborn, Henry and Charlotte, House 
View339 22nd AVE Lucas, Richard & Effie, ResidenceHouse (Capitol Hill Housing)
View1800 Broadway Streissguth , Daniel, House 
View2110 E Crescent DR E Arensberg House #1 
View504 E Denny WAY E UnknownSt. Florence Apartments
View746 19th AVE Red MillTully's Coffee
View923 17th AVE unknown 
View133 14th AVE UnknownDavid Weatherford Antiques/Interiors
View324 15th AVE UnknownMichael Wm. Farrell, Jeweler & 6 others
View1509 E Mercer ST E FredoniaCanterbury's & 1 other
View2405-2407 10th AVE UnknownKristi's Grooming Co. & 2 others
View925-931 11th AVE HighlandHighland
View411 E Thomas ST E Thomas ApartmentsThomas Park View Apartments
View203 Bellevue AVE Bellevue ApartmentsChardonnay Apartments
View703 17th AVE unknown 
View920 E Newton ST E Moore, Robert, Residence 
View2408 10th AVE UnknownOne Acupuncture & 3 others
View400 17th AVE Keeler, Henry E., House 
View1733 Boylston AVE Naoma ApartmentsNaoma Apartments
View1428 E Aloha ST E unknown 
View902 17th AVE Schwabacher, Leo, residence 
View1425 Valley ST Just, Isaac, Residence 
View1617 E Boston TER E Block, Robert J., Residence 
View400-410 Broadway UnknownPayless Shoe Source, Seattle's Best and 2 others
View618 22nd AVE Sullivan, Katherine, Residence 
View922 16th AVE unknown 
View1014 E Galer ST E Bullitt, Dorothy Stimson, House 
View1736 Belmont AVE Granada, TheGranada, The
View407-409 15th AVE UnknownRainbow Natural Remedies
View206 Harvard AVE UnknownHarvard Apartments
View350 16th AVE McKillop, D. P., Residence 
View2215 E Prospect ST E Vinikow, Joseph, Residence 
View903 16th AVE unknown 
View325-327 Broadway UnknownBroadway Grocery & 1 other
View420-428 Broadway UnknownBen & Jerry's & 4 others
View509 Bellevue AVE Catalina ApartmentsCatalina apartments
View921 11th AVE Park CourtPark Court
View1512 E Olin PL E unknown 
View1108 17th AVE Murphy, George, House 
View1812 10th AVE Carroll, Charles O., Residence 
View2114 E Crescent DR E Kleinberg, Hortense, House 
View2409 10th AVE UnknownPark Place Roanoke
View114-132 12th AVE Heather CourtHeather Court
View1812 E Madison E UnknownKumon Reading Center
View1516 Federal AVE Gilmour, Ethel, House 
View902 22nd AVE Clapp, Joseph & Alice, House 
View1743 Summit AVE UnknownMorris Apartments
View1525 E Olive WAY E UnknownAmante Pizza
View1411 E Olive WAY E UnknownPeace for the Streets & 1 other
View401 Broadway UnknownBroadway Market
View1017 E Blaine ST E Dovey, Thomas, House 
View720 22nd AVE unknown 
View508 19th AVE UnknownCountry Doctor Community Clinic
View203 Belmont AVE UnknownSealth Vista
View1645 10th AVE Alta CasaAlta Casa
View1633 17th AVE German HomeGerman Home
View317 Harvard AVE Roycroft ApartmentsRoycroft Apartments
View615 Bellevue AVE Royvue GardenRoyvue Garden
View934 22nd AVE Gunn, J. A., House 
View1634 11TH AVE Manning's MortuaryHugo, Richard House
View1664 Federal AVE Booth, Lawrence, Residence 
View1205 22nd AVE Jordan, Frank & Ada, House 
View231 Summit AVE Nelson Apartments 
View1416 ROY Schack, James H., House 
View812 E GWINN PL E   
View2812 10TH AVE Turner, Issac L. and Bethina, HouseBeale, John A., and Bonner, Megan, House
View810 E DENNY WAY E 810 Denny Way Apartments810 Denny Way Apartments
View916 E JOHN ST E unknownQueen Sheba
View114 HARVARD AVE unknownunknown
View110 HARVARD AVE unknownKendrickson residence
View102 HARVARD AVE unknownEnslow-Pak residence
View800 E DENNY WAY E unknownunknown
View207 10 unknownunknown
View918 E JOHN ST E unknownBroadway Locksmith
View151 11TH AVE Abbotsford ApartmentAbbotsford Apartments
View2333 BROADWAY AVE Cummings HouseBillodue House
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